Good News: Warm weather to continue into next week 10 years ago

Good News: Warm weather to continue into next week

We’re currently experiencing some unseasonably hot temperatures this week, which is good news, but the even better news is that it’s to last right up to next week.

Are you planning on doing something this weekend? Well if not, you might want to as it’s set to be a right scorcher. According to Met Éireann, “today will be hot and mostly sunny, with just occasional passing clouds. But patches of sea fog and low cloud may well drift into some coastal areas at times, with northern and eastern coasts most at risk.”


Tomorrow looks much the same as today, while the weekend could see some slight cloudy periods in the west and north, but they should clear up pretty quickly. There are also some warnings of showers over Ulster and north Connacht on Saturday morning, but again, they shouldn’t come to much as temperatures will be well into the 20’s by midday.

Sunday will be another sunny day with temperatures reaching between 20-25C.

As for next week, you can expect things to cool down just a bit. “Not as warm for the first half of next week, as moderate, later fresh southwest winds set in. But it will still be mild in many places, with temperatures still a little above normal.

“Overall, a lot of dry weather, with a mixture of sunny spells and cloudy periods each day. But not completely dry, as the latest charts indicate that there is likely to be some light rain or showers about at times. But rainfall amounts should be small.”


According to Met Éireann’s radar, there currently isn’t a single cloud over the country, and lets hope it stays like that all day…

3 Hour Accumulated Rainfall(MM) Forecast

For more weather news check out the Met Éireann website.