Have-a-go Louth shopkeeper fends off knife-wielding robbers 9 years ago

Have-a-go Louth shopkeeper fends off knife-wielding robbers

A Louth shopkeeper has become a have-a-go hero after tackling two knife-wielding thieves earlier this week.

Malachy McGrane actually managed to fight off the two balaclava-clad idiots even though they had a knife and he was only armed with cardboard. The men attempted to rob the XL shop in Sandpit on Monday night.


Malachy struck back at the robbers, who were threatening him with a butcher's knife, and was lucky not to have been impaled when he fell on one of them.

"Now in hindsight, I know I am lucky to be alive. I could have been killed when I fell on top of him or when they were jabbing the knife, which was between six and eight inches long, at me," Malachy told the Drogheda Independent.

The attempted robbery began just after 8 O'Clock on Easter Monday night. "I was in the back store for about 30 seconds, they came in and cornered me against the wall," said Malachy 'I fought back, even though I only had a piece of cardboard in my hand. It's a natural reaction".

The dumb duo ran off towards their car, parked down a side road, when Malachy struggled.

'I think I frightened them more than they frightened me when I started to fight back,' he said. 'And then I hightailed it after them, although they were younger and fitter and got away from me.'

Good man, Malachy!