Henrik Larsson to return to football for one last game with his son 10 years ago

Henrik Larsson to return to football for one last game with his son

Celtic legend Henrik Larsson is lacing up the boots one last time to play a game alongside his son in Sweden

Henrik Larsson's glittering career has seen him become a legend both in Sweden and in Scotland, as well as getting the odd goal for two small-time clubs called Manchester United and Barcelona, where he won a few medals or something.


At 41-years-old, however, it looks as though Larsson might be making a very short comeback to the game to play along side his 16-year-old son Jordan.

Larsson is currently assistant manager with Hogaborg, a team in the Swedish fourth division where he played in the 1990s, and where his son currently plays as an attacking midfielder. Here's a picture of the first team squad and management, we've already had our guess at which of the lads is his son.

First team squad larsson

The manager, Kenneth Karlsson, told STV that an injury crisis has prompted Larsson to lace up the boots and get back in the team, but that he'll be on the bench for the game this weekend.


There's no guarantee that Henrik will get on to the pitch, but Karlsson said that there's a possibility, and “we'll see how it goes”. He also kitted out for the team's veterans in a game recently, and it looks like he keeps himself in decent shape.

Larsson old boys

When asked if he could still cut it now that he was in his forties, Karlsson stated that he played the first half of a reserve game on Monday, where he scored a goal and claimed an assist.

What a legend.