Instagram announce Instagram Direct, a new way to send private pics to your mates 8 years ago

Instagram announce Instagram Direct, a new way to send private pics to your mates

You can expect a flood of n00dz to your inbox as soon as this goes live, we're sure

Instagram Direct is the latest initiative from the lads at Facebook who want to make sure that you and your mates can share your content and stay in contact without having the world know your business.


The idea behind it is pretty simple according to Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, who made the announcement today. You have an inbox and can share a photo or video with up to 15 different people of your choosing, and then you can message and communicate about the picture.

Whether it's something you don't want the whole world to see or you just want a select group of mates to have a chat about something, Instagram Direct allows you to still apply the usual filters and so on to your image, share it, and make sure that not everyone on Instagram gets a look in. The only people you can share with are those that you follow too, so there won't be any random people sending you stuff.

Instagram expects you to use these images as a jumping off point which will lead to you communicating a bit more using their messaging service, and perhaps draw you away from your other messaging services where sharing your snaps might be a bit more difficult, but that remains to be seen. Initial reaction seems to be wavering between the opinion that this is a solution to a problem no one was worried about, or it's a great idea that makes Instagram that bit more personal. Of course, the only question that matters is would you actually use it?