Ireland 1-6 Germany as it happened 9 years ago

Ireland 1-6 Germany as it happened


That's about it from us lads, there's not a whole lot that can be said about that to be perfectly honest.


The Trap Out brigade, which was pretty sizeable before the game, now represents the majority of Irish fans, but it remains to be seen whether action will be taken. In the meantime, we have to get back on the horse and beat the Faroes on Tuesday, but there seems to be something badly wrong with the Irish team at the moment and it's in need of a fairly drastic remedy.

It's been one of the darkest nights in the history of Irish football and right now, it's extremely difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for tuning in folks, until next time.


Fair play to John O'Shea, he's fronted up for the cameras. His disillusionment seems palpable, but he's able to maintain his diplomacy to an extent. "There's a way to lose a match and we didn't do that," he said on a couple of occasions and although there's an awful air of resignation to that statement, we know what he means.


Liam Brady: "After the results at the Euros and the results we've had since, any manager would expect to lose his job. Whether it will happen, I don't know."


Lost for words as to how to try and describe that, as are the lads in the RTE studio to a certain degree. Even Liam Brady can't come up with a reason to keep a hold of Trap which is saying something. All speak of a malaise that has existed for quite some time and no one can deny it after that. It will be interesting to hear what the man himself has to say in his own defence.




Well it's the consolation goal to end all consolation goals but having been denied only seconds earlier, Andy Keogh heads in from Robbie Brady's corner. Now it's not a record competitive defeat for Ireland. Not that that's going to dampen the criticism afterwards.






Manuel Neuer has just pulled off a brilliant save from Andy Keogh after mighty work from Seamus Coleman to set him up. How can he have maintained his focus after so long doing nothing?


Two more minutes of misery for the Irish players. Is it too much to ask that we don't concede another?


Glimmer of hope from George Hamilton, who points out that this result doesn't really matter in the overall scheme of things, unless it comes down to goal difference, of course. Hard to take consolation from any source at the moment, but he's right.


Another absolute belter by Kroos from 25 yards after about 2 million German passes in succession. Nobody tried to get the ball off him so Kroos thought why not and walloped it home. We're being toyed with at this stage. Robbie Brady on for Cox in the meantime.




Cheers going up for every German pass at this stage. And then...


Bad and all as Ireland are, credit must be given to the Germans for this performance. They've been immense. It's been a long time since I've seen a team so able to capitalise on the gulf in class between two sides as these lads.


On commentary, Ronnie Whelan is a little disillusioned. Where do we go from here. I can't see anything that will improve us. Ronnie's thoughts reflect those of the nation and I dare say there will be a lot of calls for Trap's head after this.


Schurrle comes on for Klose, another handy replacement to say the least.


Andy Keogh on for Aiden McGeady, if you're even bothered at this stage.


Reus has gone off by the way. Only Lukas Podolski on to replace him. We're feeling a bit like this at the moment...


If you're not already feeling bad enough, San Marino are only losing 2-0 to England. At this rate, the Faroes will be licking their lips.


Ronnie Whelan says we need to get something out of the game to prevent us from being embarrassed. Too late for that Ronnie, far too late.


Great to see Seamus Coleman play, but he should be in an early bath at the moment. The right back dives over the ball two footed at Mesut Ozil and both parties were lucky that Ozil could pull out in time. Lucky.


Yet again, you just have to marvel at the German brilliance. O'Shea heads clear from the edge of the area and Kroos directs a first-time left-footed volley into the corner. Again, no chance Westwood.




The Germans look determined to rub it in at this stage. This could be six, seven or eight by the time they're done. And just as I type...


Comedy of errors this one. Klose allowed run in behind unchecked, Kroos puts him through, he rounds Westwood and despite looking as if he should be able to stretch a leg and get the ball, O'Dea lets it away from him and it slides into the net. This is embarrassing.


Oh dear...




If there was a manual on how to take a penalty, Ozil obviously ripped the directions from Page One. So calm and so collected, Westwood had no chance.




No sooner do I type that than the Germans do get a penalty and deservedly so for a ridiculous challenge by Darren O'Dea on Miroslav Klose. Absolutely no need for O'Dea to come in from behind and he gets his just desserts for doing so. Ozil scores, the game is well and truly over and the only question now is how many will it be in the end?


More pressure from Ireland sees Jonathan Walters go close from an inswinging free-kick but his connection is weak and it's an easy save for Neuer. Crowd lifted by the last five minutes, hopefully it doesn't go the same way as our optimistic first half start.


The introduction of Shane Long draws a huge cheer from the Irish faithful, the Tipp man coming on for Keith Fahey five minutes into the second half. Why it wasn't done at half time I don't know, but good to see Long all the same.


Decent from Ireland as Cox squeezes in a shot at the near post that's easily saved by Neuer. Nice to see a departure from the German onslaught


Can't believe it took until the 48th minute for George Hamilton to mention 'Rolls Reus'. Yes, that's what we're getting excited by now folks.


It won't come as much as a surprise that there are no changes on the Irish team. Toni Kroos, who apparently has enjoyed a storming start to the Bundesliga season, comes in instead of Sami Khedira for the Germans.


And we're back underway...


So what to do now? Eamo says Cox must come off and that Long must come on. Liam says that players on the bench should be given experience, the likes of Wilson and Ciaran Clark. Write off the game and build for the future.

Admirable notion Liam, but do you genuinely think Trap will change half of his back four for the second half? Players back on the pitch, we're nearly ready to go again. Let's hope against hope that it's better than what's gone before.


Dismal says John Giles, who adds that his worst fears have been realised so far. As have all of ours John, as have all of ours.


The only thing cheering us up at the moment is a picture of an Irish fan giving the finger to the camera after the German goal...


It's half-time. A morgue-like atmosphere envelops the Aviva as the Germans are making all the noise.


Wave after wave of German possession results in the ball being switched to that man Reus on the left and he curls one into the far corner with effortless ease. They deserve it and Ireland are chasing shadows all over the place. Really ominous stuff for Ireland.


Well that was a bit special...




If you didn't already know Germany were dominant you do now a stat flashes up that they have enjoyed 98 per cent possession in the last two minutes. It even prompted George Hamilton to say 'Vorsprung durch possession'. Yes, he did.


Pretty good insight from Irish Indo hack Dan McDonnell

In the meantime, Muller blazes one over the bar from just outside the box. Ireland on the ropes...


Ireland very ragged at the moment, it's crucial to get to half-time without conceding another.


Well it was coming, but it was a really sloppy goal to give away all the same. Schmelzer makes a run into the box from left full back which McGeady doesn't track, the ball bounces off his chest and around a load of players before Reus follows it up with an emphatic effort to the roof of the net.






...disaster nearly strikes as Germany are denied a stonewall penalty. For some reason John O'Shea hesitates on the edge of the area and allows Reus to nick the ball off him. Reus is through one on one, O'Shea pulls him back and the referee gives the German a yellow card for diving. The captain is a very lucky boy.


First glimpse of Seamus Coleman at right back and he does brilliantly, outpacing Reus before calmly stepping inside a German attacker and playing the ball to safety. But then...


Simon Cox has had a very uncertain start so far, giving some weight to the concerns of a lot of people before the game that he's not cut out for the role in which he's been selected, which for the moment at least, is as an auxilary left back.


Stephen Ward with a fancy, if entirely unnecessary flick, on the left to give the fans something to shout about. George Hamilton tells us even the Germans applauded it, although we've a feeling that the ball ended out over the left touchline only seconds after.


The 4-3-3, if it ever was that, is now a deifinite 4-5-1 or even a 6-3-1 with McGeady and Cox pinned back to the full-back positions. Saying that, Germany are very lateral, but the longer it goes on the more worrying it will be.


Ireland can't get the ball and when they do, McCarthy sends it long for Walters and Manuel Neuer comes fully 40 yards to head the ball to safety. Smash and grab tactics already in place for our lads it seems.


Germany and Ozil in particular starting to take a grip of things, evidence of Ireland sliding in a little too hastily already. Need to keep the heads screwed on lads. 85 per cent possession for our opponents in the last five minutes.


First proper chance for Germany, Ozil dictating things in and around the box, picks out Reus on the left. His cross is just too high for Muller, who heads it well over the bar.


Jonathan Walters and James McCarthy are really busting a gut to press the Germans in their own half. Energy-sapping stuff, but effective so far, not letting Germany settle.


Don't mean to jinx it, but Ireland have been very good in the opening ten minutes. It also should be said that it's a very open game so far, which may not suit us the longer it goes on.


Haven't seen the 'Merkel thinks we're at work' banner in the Aviva yet. Ironically, they might actually be at work now when Angela probably figured they'd be watching the game. If you're tuning in lads, hope you're all well.


Shanked clearance from Stephen Ward could have gone horribly wrong but goes out for a German corner instead, which comes to nothing. A sign of our luck to come perhaps.


Good from Ireland again, but poor ball into the box from Walters after McGeady had put him free on the left in the first place. Ireland finding gaps where we didn't think there would be any. Let's hope we can keep it up.


Keith Andrews with the first shot in anger after a clever knockdown from Jonathan Walters, but Andrews' shot was as wide as a gate. Not a pretty approach but effective for now.


Keith Fahey man-marking Mesut Ozil already, could be a long night for the Birmingham midfielder.


Crunching challenge on Walters by Schmelzer which leads to a free-kick, which in turn leads to a corner, which in turn eventually leads to a goal-kick even though it should have been a corner. Nice positive start...


Away we go...


Speaking of James Nolan, a minute's applause in his honour before kick-off. His family are in attendance, now a performance befitting his memory please...


Anthems over, we're ready to go here folks.


A quick glance at the #IREGER and #COYBIG hashtags on Twitter and it's a sea of negativity amongst the Irish supporters. Well hopeless optimism didn't work for us at the Euros so hopefully a change of mindset might pay dividends. Not much love either for the fair play spiel that John O'Shea and Bastian Schweinsteiger had to participate in, even if it was meant in good spirit.


Apparently a huge crowd of Germans spattered throughout the Aviva tonight. They're taking us over, let's hope we can keep them quiet...


The RTE lads have given their predictions and they're just as negative as our Facebook page. Only Liam gives us a chance of a draw and that's an outside chance IF we play well. John can't even see a draw while Eamo reckons we'll be paralysed with fear and will succumb to a defeat. Here's hoping they're changing their tune by half-time. The players are out on the pitch, we're nearly ready to go


You may have seen this on the site during the week, but here's the banner in memory of James Nolan on show at the Aviva this evening. Lovely touch.


Nice encouraging tweet from Robbie's missus. Even nicer Twitter avatar


If you're a bag of nerves, this humorous and fairly accurate sign outside the Aviva should help lighten the mood (Via Twitter/@RuaidhriOC).


So we put the word out on our Facebook page looking for predictions and well, it ain't exactly pretty. Faith in Trap and the lads is in short supply if our Facebook fans are anything to go by, fans like Kevin Johnson, who says that he is predicting "a vastly improved performance resulting in a 2 nil loss".

Michael McLaughlin says that "it's gonna go down like a fart in a spacesuit. Germany at least 2-0. Also England 6-0", while Ray Finlay says "3-0 for our masters, sorry european partners" and asks the fairly legitimate question: "Will the German national anthem be sung twice??

Still it's not all bad. The boisterous Michael Bermingham says it will be "IRELAND infinite - GERMANY nil!" and Damien McLoone says "Shoot... 1 shot 1 goal and defend for our lives!!!"

Sounds like a good plan to us...


In case you can't recall the teams, here they are. Good job matches aren't won on paper!

Ireland: Kieren Westwood, Seamus Coleman, Darren O’Dea, John O’Shea, Stephen Ward, James McCarthy, Keith Andrews, Keith Fahey, Simon Cox, Aiden McGeady, Jonathan Walters

Germany: Neuer, Boateng, Mertesacker, Badstuber, Schmelzer, Khedira, Schweinsteiger, Müller, Özil, Reus, Klose


Before we give you the team news, here's some info from the other World Cup qualifiers taking place in our group this evening.

Bad and all as we were in Kazakhstan, Austria could only manage a point after a 0-0 draw and if you think Tuesday's trip to the Faroes will be easy, Sweden actually fell behind before goals from Kacaniklic and Zlatan himself just about got them over the line.

Just goes to show that anything can happen and yes we don't mind clutching at whatever straws are available...


Good evening folks and welcome to our live coverage of Ireland v Germany in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

All those in attendance and all those watching on television should be privileged because this is an historic occasion, as by the end of the night it will be the first time ever that Germany have lost a World Cup qualifier on foreign soil (stop laughing at the back).

In reality though, is an Ireland victory such a far-fetched notion? Given the respective status of both sides in the world game, the difference in quality between the sides and Ireland’s form in 2012, one would think so, but football and indeed Irish football has thrown up so many surprises over the years that we certainly can’t rule it out.

In any case don’t let the slim chances dampen your enthusiasm in cheering on the Boys in Green and hopefully we can count on a lot of noise from the Irish supporters lucky enough to be in attendance. Just over three quarters of an hour to go until kick off, we’ll be back with team news for you shortly.