Irish criminals found laundering money... in a bath full of water  8 years ago

Irish criminals found laundering money... in a bath full of water

You may be familiar with the term laundering money? Well one Irish gang took the phrase a little too literally after they were caught washing money in a bathtub full of water.

Here’s a good contender for ‘Ireland’s Dumbest Criminals’…


A group of louts decided to hold up a G4S security van outside a post office in Jobstown, near Tallaght earlier on in the week. The thieves physically threatened the cash-in-transit staff and demanded that they hand over a money box containing €50,000.

However, the one thing the gang didn’t prepare for was the booby-trapped money box. All money boxes that carry large quantities of cash tend to have a dye pouch in them that will explode and ruin the money (and the thief) if opened without the correct code. Once the dye soaks into the cash – it’s fecked.

The thieves obviously just smashed the box open, because Gardaí searched a house in the Cloonmore estate and found the fugitives (three blokes and a girl in the mid-20s) in the bathroom attempting to wash the red dye off of the money. Talk about being caught red handed.

The Gardaí tracked the gang down after finding their burnt out getaway vehicle along with a 9mm handgun that was used in the hold up.

Good work by the Gardaí, in fairness. Shoddy work by the thieves, thankfully.