Is it a tracksuit? Is it a tuxedo? No, it’s Traxedoz 5 years ago

Is it a tracksuit? Is it a tuxedo? No, it’s Traxedoz

For anyone who enjoys the comfort of a tracksuit yet the style of a tuxedo, we have your dream garment. Ladies and gentlemen, cast your eyes on Traxedoz.

It has been said on occasion that the fashion sense in JOE leaves a little to be desired, but we like to think we are a fine collection of fashionistas, from hipster, to GAA-head to the more formal look, variety is the spice of life. However, we are in agreement about the Traxedoz and it put a smile on our faces today.

You can find out more information on their website, which gives more insights into the “world’s most versatile garment”. And we wouldn’t dare argue with that statement, or indeed the following:

"We mixed wild Hungarian tracksuits with East Indian organic tuxedos to produce what some consider the greatest invention of all time." Indeed they did.


Not only are they some of the finest threads you will see, they are proving a real hit for stag and hen-dos alike, and were recently profiled on TV3’s Xpose.

No prizes for guessing what the JOE office will be wearing for the next fancy dress party!