Is this Rag week or armageddon? We can't tell... 9 years ago

Is this Rag week or armageddon? We can't tell...

Ah Rag week, a good wholesome week where college students dedicate themselves to raising money for charity. By drinking a lot of alcohol. Actually by drinking so much alcohol, you become more vodka than human.

Rag week is synonymous for good times although from the looks of it, students at WIT had just a little bit TOO much fun. Are you ready for the carnage?


Video via @davemacardle who blogs here.

Because nothing expresses the sentiment of “Yay! Helping charity!” more than a pack of drunken students attacking some roadworks and flinging traffic cones around the place. Rag week? This is more like armageddon.

We’re not sure if we’re horrified or a little disappointed that college was never this mental when we were there. Damn us acting like civilized human beings and not running wild into the streets like a clan of deranged badgers! Oh what fun we could have had. Sigh.

Anyway, we bet it’s safe to say that the poor undergrads at WIT will be saying a long, hard, goodbye to their annual Rag week celebrations.

But this isn’t the first Rag week to be cancelled. Oh no. NUIG enforced a strict anti-Rag-week policy last year after this incredible fling-the-glass-bottle-into-the-red-bin competition started…

Have you got any crazy Rag week stories you’d like to share or was Rag week a relatively tame affair when you were a student?