Javier Hernandez wanted to clear up the whole RVP situation on Twitter last night 7 years ago

Javier Hernandez wanted to clear up the whole RVP situation on Twitter last night

Javier Hernandez wanted to put a few things to bed last night… just before he went to bed.

In what has been an incredibly difficult week for Manchester United, Hernandez was under the microscope yesterday after an Instagram post that many media outlets – including our good selves we must admit – picked up as a possible dig at Robin van Persie after the Dutchman’s unflattering comments about his Man United teammates following defeat to Olympiacos on Tuesday night.


Along with the picture below, it read: "Without your teammates you can't be somebody in football, always be thankful..."

Having obviously figured that yesterday’s post had caused something of a stir, Hernandez was keen to clear up the issue in a series of Twitter posts last night, insisting that he had no problem with Van Persie and that, despite the way things have been going lately, that they were all in it for the good of the team.





It wasn’t the first time that Hernandez’s social media activity has proved newsworthy this season; earlier this year he commanded headlines for retweeting a link to a Sky Sports article that his Mexican teammate Carlos Vela had posted on Twitter suggesting that Chicharito may have to move away from Old Trafford in search of first team football.

Perhaps the most debated of all Hernandez’s Twitter and Instagram posts this season, however - and we're not being entirely serious here - was when he wished all of his followers good night on Sunday night along with a picture of his highest score in Flappy Bird...


Seriously, 425? It took us weeks to get into double figures!