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28th Oct 2016

JOE meets Brian O’Sullivan, the man behind Camile Thai Kitchen

Eric Lalor

We meet the brains behind the restaurant chain.

JOE – Tell us about your business.

Brian – About Camile, well to start, our nice chefs are hard at work creating our delicious food using amazing, natural ingredients. They love the tricky stuff like fresh galangal, delicate basil leaves and fresh chilies.

Thanks to their passion and creativity, we’re able to offer you traditional delights like our classic Pad Thai as well as more interesting flavours that are only waiting to be discovered.

Camile was created to bring the sophistication of French inspired Asian cooking – particularly Thai cuisine to the health conscious masses, whether through our online delivery restaurants or our new seated casual restaurants.


JOE – Tell us about your business. What sets your business apart from your direct competitors?

Brian – We are relentlessly focused on health. We use locally grown ingredients, cook every single dish to order and we work with a nutritionist to ensure every dish we serve is health focused and balanced. We even provide you with calorie counts for all our food.

JOE – What’s your ultimate goal for your own business?

Brian – Camile Thai strives to be the number one online Thai food delivery brand in Ireland and the UK. To be recognised as an authority in the healthy food delivery space and to provide the best online user experience of any food brand.

JOE – What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Brian – “Surround yourself with a great team, and build that team.”

JOE – What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Brian – You’ve got to be cheaper than everyone else.

JOE – What’s been the highlight of your business career so far?

Brian – One of the highlights of my career has been succeeding in getting Camile Thai to the number one spot organically on Google for all our top 10 keyword targets.

JOE – What’s been the lowlight of your career so far?

Brian – Not having a contract of mine renewed a number of years back due to the financial crisis.

JOE – When did you first hear of AdMailer?

Brian – We were expanding into an area surrounded by apartments and needed a way of bringing our brand to their doorstep and we came across AdMailer.

JOE – When did you decide to try AdMailer?

Brian – We are very focused on digital marketing but we also realise the value of getting a physical menu into the hands of or customers. As many of our customers live in apartments that are not served by leaflet distribution companies, we saw AdMailer as an opportunity to directly target these customers.

JOE – What differences have you noticed since you started using AdMailer?

Brian – We track and measure the effectiveness of our marketing and noticed a spike in sales in the time immediately after an Admailer campaign.

JOE – Would you recommend using AdMailer to other start-up businesses? Why would you recommend using AdMailer to other start-up businesses?

Brian – I would. It is a great way to get a targeted message in the door of your demographics. The online tool is quite user friendly and easy to use.

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