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17th Oct 2014

Jose Mourinho responds to Roy Keane’s handshake criticism in caustically sarcastic fashion

This could run and run...


This could run and run…

Way back before we knew who the Gibraltar goalkeeper there was a thing called the Premier League and one of its big fandangoes this season was Jose Mourinho’s attempt to have a quick handshake with Paul Lambert and Roy Keane before the end of the Chelsea/Aston Villa game on September 27.

Neither Lambert or Keane appreciated the move, and Keane called it a ‘disgrace’, adding that ‘you wouldn’t do that on a Sunday morning, you would get knocked out’.

Jose was back before the press for the first time today and of course he was asked about Keane and Lambert’s comments. His reply was typical Special One.

“I appreciate the comments. I think they are both two great examples of polite and very well-educated people, and because I’m a humble guy who tries to learn every day and with every experience, I appreciate the comments.”

Just a hint of sarcasm there. Roll on the next game between Villa and Chelsea…