Keith Barry promises €50,000 for Psychic Wayne if he proves he's a psychic 10 years ago

Keith Barry promises €50,000 for Psychic Wayne if he proves he's a psychic

Psychic Wayne's week is getting any better after he was challenged to a €50,000 showdown by Irish illusionist Keith Barry.

Keith seems to be a little p*ssed off at Wayne Isaac claiming he's a psychic on TV3 every night this week. The illusionist tweeted: "Wow. Seems there's been a backlash against psychics since I've been away. #PhsychicWayne is getting a hard time!! And rightly so - he's terrible."


Wayne's new show on the station has caused much hilarity already as Irish punters queue up to rip the piss out of him. Like on Monday when this guy fed Wayne the Fresh Prince of Bel Air back story.

Some Irish smartarse also set up a fake Twitter account for the medium and started taunting Keith Barry. He didn't take to kindly to the jibes and has now challenged Psychic Wayne to either put up or shut up. Barry says he'll give him €50,000 if he can prove his 'powers' are real.

Wayne has now reported the rogue account to Twitter, but says he is up for the challenge... depending on what it is. He said: "I have never heard of him. The thing is, what is the challenge? It's a bit open and random. it depends what he's got in mind." But surely Wayne should already know that.

Looks like the scene is set for even more embarrassing entertainment from Psychic Wayne next week. Can't wait!