Kellogg's create Totes Amazeballs cereal 9 years ago

Kellogg's create Totes Amazeballs cereal

Kellogg's have gone a little crazy and created the most 'totes amazeballs' cereal ever. The company produced the breakfast cereal on the whimsical tweet.

Little could Charlatans frontman, Tim Burgess, have guessed he was going to get his wish when he tweeted: "Just invented a breakfast cereal called Totes Amazeballs™... Kellogg's are interested."


How right he was. But, to the ultimate disappointment of hundreds of thousands of totes amazeballs fans around the world, the breakfast munchies will only be available at one music festival. People going to the Tim Peaks Kendal Calling festival will be the lucky ones.

Tim himself is organising a mobile café at the event and will be doling out the cereal which consists of Choco rocks, shortbread, raisins and marshmallows.

Kellogg's obviously weren't interested at the time of the tweet, but they soon were. Tim told the Machester Evening News: "I heard someone use the expression 'totes amazeballs', and it sounded like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But within an hour [Kelloggs had] got in touch."

Within a couple of weeks of the tweet, Kellogg's had mocked-up a box for the Totes Amazeballs cereal. The front cover includes a cartoon version of Tim with a speech bubble coming from his mouth saying: "They're schhhweet!".

So pop along to that festival if you're dead set on finding out what Totes Amazeballs actually tastes like.