Louth fan in the clear over Sludden attack 9 years ago

Louth fan in the clear over Sludden attack

Over a year and a half after the incident took place, a Louth supporter has been cleared of attacking Martin Sludden after the controversial 2010 Leinster Final.

In case your memory of the episode is a bit foggy, all hell broke loose in Croke Park after Sludden somehow allowed a late goal by Joe Sheridan to stand despite the fact that he seemed to throw the ball into the net.


Deprived of what would have been an historic first Leinster title in over half a century, Wee County supporters were a bit miffed at the injustice of it all, even though some of them went over the top and physically confronted Sludden on the pitch.

One man accused of attacking Sludden, Dermot Rogers from Dundalk, was cleared of any wrongdoing in the Dublin District Court this morning when the Director of Public Prosecutions decided not to take any action against him.

Two other men accused of confronting Sludden are expected to face trial in the near future, having previously pleaded not guilty to the assault of Sludden after the game.

Most GAA supporters will have a fairly clear recollection of what exactly caused all the commotion some 18 months or so ago, but for anyone in need of a reminder of what went on, check out the video below (Apologies to Louth fans for resurrecting some painful memories).