Louth fan tries to bring GAA to court over 2010 Leinster final drama 10 years ago

Louth fan tries to bring GAA to court over 2010 Leinster final drama

An aggrieved Louth fan is still so angry over the controversial end of the 2010 Leinster final that he wants to bring GAA president Christy Cooney to court.

As we all remember, Meath forward Joe Sheridan threw the ball into the net in the final seconds, robbing Louth of a historic victory and prompting scenes of mayhem on the pitch, culminating in referee Martin Sludden getting attacked.


But Paddy Garvey is still so upset about the result that he wants Christy Cooney to appear at a case he has scheduled for a Dublin court on December 13.

He has summonsed Cooney to appear, alleging that the GAA “deliberately” broke its own rules by declaring Meath the winners.

Also, according to the Irish Independent, this is not the first time Garvey tried to bring this matter to court, as a previous attempt was dismissed by the courts in July.

Whatever happened that day, and a lot of things went wrong, it is highly unlikely that the GAA planned for the game to end that way or that they were so desperate for the Royals to win that they threw the rule book out. Right?

Anyway it seems we might now have Garvey’s theory tested in court. In our heads we are imagining a drama something like the scene from Oliver Stone’s JFK, where the moment the ball crossed the line is replayed over and over again, with hours and hours of analysis and grainy footage of Cooney in the stands, directing affairs from the Hogan Stand.

Or it might just be dismissed again as a waste of time.