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23rd Mar 2012

Luis Figo steps out in the most horrific golf gear imaginable

We've finally found something more dubious than Luis Figo's Just For Men adverts - his sense of 'style' when golfing.


We’ve finally found something more dubious than Luis Figo’s Just For Men adverts – his sense of ‘style’ when golfing.

From respected footballer to slightly less respected ex-footballer, it’s been quite a journey for former Inter Milan star Luis Figo.

These days, while players hawk a variety of different products (Pele’s keepy-uppies now require the use of Viagra, whileBeckham actually think we’ll all use Google+), there’s probably no more cringe-inducing product placement around than Luis Figo’s ability to kick a giant football that’s been teleported from a TV, all the while sporting a luscious black coat of Just For Men.

Just when the dubious nature of the advert began causing us to question Figo’s sanity, we saw him show up at the Abama Pro-Am Golf Tournament last week, wearing what can only be described as the world’s worst pair of pants.

Hey! Stop laughing at my pants!

Most damning of all, Figo was actually outdressed by his former Real Madrid teammate Guti, a metrosexual midfielder who can usually be found wearing something like this.

So what compelled Figo to wear such a ghastly Twister-like pair of pants? Did he accidentally drink his hair dye or take a teleporting TV football to the head at full force?

We had no idea but either way, I think we can all agree that Figo’s clown pants for his golf outing were severely below par. Of course we were going to sneak in a golf pun, don’t even look surprised…

[Pics via Kickette]


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