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14th Jan 2014

Luis Garcia retires: JOE picks the former Liverpool star’s 5 best moments

He was far more than just a phantom goal against Chelsea, you know...

Tony Cuddihy

Luis Garcia, scorer of the goal that never was (that actually was) in the 2005 Champions League semi-final between Liverpool and Chelsea, has retired at the age of 35. Here are some of his best moments.

Loved for both his dazzling skill and baffling inconsistency by Reds fans, Garcia joined Rafael Benitez’ side from Barcelona in August 2004 and starred for the club on the way to winning the European Cup the following May.

He would go on to play for the likes of Atletico Madrid, Racing Santander and Panathinaikos but it was his spell in the Premier League that would make his name.

In tribute to the divine thumbsucker himself, we’ve picked out our top five favourite Luis Garcia moments.

5) This goal against Chelsea, as opposed to THAT goal against Chelsea, in the 2006 FA Cup semi-final…

4) The fact that they still chanted his name against Wigan last season, a full six years after he left to join Atletico.

3) A stunner against Juventus in the 2005 Champions League quarter-final…

2) The letter…

Garcia wrote to this letter to the Liverpool fans after leaving to go back to Spain.

Excerpt: “A football club isn’t just made up of players, coaches and directors. More than anything else it’s the supporters who make a club, and that perhaps is the ingredient which best distinguishes Liverpool Football Club from every other team. The supporters.”

The charmer.

1) Look away now, Jose.