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06th Feb 2014

Man City’s touching tribute to the victims of the Munich air disaster

A classy touch by United's cross-town rivals.

Eric Lalor

A classy touch by United’s cross-town rivals.

Today is the 56th anniversary of the Munich air disaster which claimed the lives of 28 people including eight Manchester United players, in 1958.  A dark day in the history of English football. The Busby Babes were cut down in their prime, but they will never be forgotten. A tragedy which transcends rivalries in English football, as illustrated by this hugely respectful tweet this morning from cross city rivals, Manchester City.

Of course they are huge rivals on the pitch, but some things are more important than football and kudos has to go to the men from the Etihad for showing a bit of class. Not so much noisy neighbours, but respectful ones.