Master Mentalist Keith Barry teaches Hollywood stars the tricks of the trade 8 years ago

Master Mentalist Keith Barry teaches Hollywood stars the tricks of the trade

It looks like Keith 'Mentalist of the Year' Barry has set his sights firmly on Hollywood as he recently magically mentored the star cast of upcoming US blockbuster, Now You See Me.

By Eoghan Doherty


Now You See Me tells the story of a team of bank-robbing illusionists who perform supposedly impossible robberies during their performances and reward the audience with their huge takings.

It’s a brilliant premise and this looks like it could potentially be the best magician movie since 2006’s The Prestige.

As well as that, the film features an all-star cast (who obviously all signed up as soon as they heard that Keith 'Mentalist of the Year' Barry was on board) including Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and it also reunites Batman alumni, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman – when he’s not busy falling asleep live on US television that is.

Check out the trailer here which features lots of people blowing into their hands and twirling them around in the air and other cool, magic-ky type things:

Keith 'Mentalist of the Year' Barry, who explained that he’d never worked on a “mowvie” before, talks a little bit about his "mowvie" experience in the clip below which was filmed at the “mowvie’s” New york premiere recently:


The Waterford native went on to work with Woody Harrelson and taught him the fine art of “brain hacking,” something the actor put to good use when he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Here is the Oscar-nominated actor showing off some of the nifty skills he learned from Keith 'Mentalist of the Year' Barry:

Now You See Me is released in Irish cinemas on 21st June and Master Mentalist Keith 'Mentalist of the year' Barry will be returning to  Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on 10 July for a 12 night run in his new show, The Dark Side.