New Warrior football boot comes with a ‘gloryhole’ feature (SFW) 9 years ago

New Warrior football boot comes with a ‘gloryhole’ feature (SFW)

The lads at Warrior are either viral marketing geniuses or very innocent boys altogether.

They have bamboozled us with their Liverpool kit designs and now Warrior are back with a new football boot that has one very interesting feature.


The boot, called ‘The Gambler’ is stuffed with features that come with usual marketing guff like an ‘ace plate instep’ and an ‘outsider zone’ but it is a gap at the back that has the most bizarre name we’ve yet seen on a football boot.

Presenting the ‘Gloryhole’ a gap in the back of the boot presumably to help you put it on. And the tag line the company have put with this feature? ‘For precision fit in sticky situations’. Ah here, they definitely knew what they were doing.


All The Gambler's features have a poker theme and there is a slightly obscure poker term called 'Glory hole' but we suspect that the lads Warrior are well in on the joke.


Oh, and if you are wondering what all the fuss is about, Google it, but not from your work computer okay?

Hat-tip to the lads at Dirty Tackle for the spot.