Now Is A Good Time… To Laugh 8 years ago

Now Is A Good Time… To Laugh

For today’s daily laugh, as brought to you by the good folk at Bulmers, we’ve decided to go for everyone’s favourite Irish impressionist Mario Rosenstock.


You might not recognise the voice of Mario Rosenstock if you heard it, but you’d definitely know his impressions if you’ve listened to the Ian Dempsey breakfast show on Today FM since 1999.

Mario is a regular on the show and his comedic impersonations of famous celebrities, sports personalities and politicians – Keano, Bertie, Michael Flatley and Padraig Harrington, just to name a few - make him a favourite of ours here in the office and we’re sure you'll agree.

However, Mario doesn’t just sit behind a microphone in a dark and dusty radio studio. He often appears on screen in character, like the time he went on The Late Late Show as Michael Flatley (see below) and he’s performed on stage on many different occasions.


Mario’s impersonations have served him well over the past 10 or so years, and we hope to hear a lot more from him in the future. For now, we’ll leave you with one of his more memorable skits – Fergie's dressing room outburst.