One man’s bid to get Joey Barton to train Cootehill Harps soccer team 10 years ago

One man’s bid to get Joey Barton to train Cootehill Harps soccer team

To help the footballer with his coaching badges, one man has agreement, of sorts, to get Joey Barton to Cavan.

As he likes to do, footballer Joey Barton engaged his 2.2million Twitter followers in a Q & A session last night. The topics, as you might imagine, were diverse, from rugby league to which player he would sign if he was a manager with unlimited funds (Messi in case you are wondering).


Anyway, with Joey recently doing some of his coaching badges in Belfast, Cavan man Dean Arrowsmith thought he might as well ask the midfielder if he would fancy coming to Cavan to keep the practice up.

Barton cavan tweet

As you can see, Barton didn’t say no so Dean was up bright and early this morning and sent this letter off to Joey’s reps, which he also sent to us.

Hi Joey/Joey agent,


I am writing to make an enquiry with regards to a reply Joey sent to me on Twitter this evening during his Q and A.
I (@pingudean) asked Joey if he would be interested in taking the Cootehill Harps reserve squad I manage here in Ireland to practise one of his UEFA A sessions with my players to which he replied. "You never know. If You'd have me..."
If that answer was genuine, and going by Joey's shoot from the hip and honest tweets, I have no reason to believe otherwise, we would love to have him over for a session. It would be a huge coup for our club, but also a great PR exercise for Joey and would be beneficial to his work towards passing the coaching course.
I am aware that Joey will have a busy schedule with very little free time, but at any time it would suit him, we would be more than happy to accommodate in whatever way possible.
Any help would be great and I appreciate you taking the time to read my request. Could I also request a reply either way if possible?
Thanks again,
Yours in Sport,
Dean Arrowsmith

Fair play Dean, if you don’t ask, you don’t get…