Our latest Euro 2012 song comes from Brendan and the Blacksticks 9 years ago

Our latest Euro 2012 song comes from Brendan and the Blacksticks

Our latest Euro 2012 song entry comes from Brendan, Lynchy, Baz, Aaron, Scottie and the Lar, better known as Brendan and the Blacksticks from Navan.


Songwriter Brendan Kelly was inspired to write the song as soon as he saw the Boys in Green stuff Estonia in Tallinn and although he was running the very minimal risk that the Estonians would turn us over in the return leg in Dublin, Trap and the lads got the job done and he pressed ahead with his masterpiece.

Speaking to JOE about the song itself, Brendan said: “I had been absolutely broken hearted over the France handball thing years before, so I was ecstatic when Ireland won 4-0 in Tallinn.

"I began writing it and recording it in my bedroom over a few weeks and the excitement about Ireland in the Euros made the lyrics and music just come to me so easily. I am a big believer in our country and we have an incredible culture and our history is layered with strong and rebellious ancestry.

“All of this is an inspiration for Trap and the lads. And there is nothing in the world better than seeing a sea of green going insane for the Ireland team.”

We couldn’t agree more Brendan; in fact we’re getting goosebumps thinking about the summer already.

Have a listen to the song in the video above and feel free to let us know what you think in the comment box below.

For more information on Brendan and the Blacksticks, check out their MySpace page.