Pep Guardiola sees himself managing Manchester United some day 9 years ago

Pep Guardiola sees himself managing Manchester United some day

Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola has revealed in his latest book that he would like to become manager of Manchester United at some time in the future.

Roy Keane isn't the only major footballing figure with a new book as former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola has also released a new book chronicling his first full season as manager of German giants, Bayern Munich. It was written by his close friend, Marti Perarnau and we can only assume that Marti is a Spanish Roddy Doyle.


FC Bayern Muenchen Press Conference

Perarnau was given full behind the scenes access at Bayern and most of the back pages today feature one particular chapter in the book where Guardiola visited Old Trafford on a scouting mission. He allegedly turned to his close friend and said: "I like this atmosphere. I could see myself coaching here one day.”

The book also tells us that he turned down offers from both Chelsea and Manchester City before taking the job in Munich. Pep is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the game and it'll be nice for United fans to hear that if the Louis van Gaal project doesn't work out, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel in the form of Guardiola. Some day. Maybe.