Picture: That rumoured Liverpool away kit is now official 8 years ago

Picture: That rumoured Liverpool away kit is now official

The kit got a good bit of abuse when it was just a rumour, but now that it's been made official, Liverpool fans shouldn't expect that to end any time soon

By Adrian Collins


Liverpool's rumoured away kit that we brought you earlier today has been made official by the lads at the club this evening, and the reaction on Twitter so far has not been positive, with a lot of people sayng it either looks like a 'Christmas jumper' or a tribute to classic arcade game Space Invaders.

Here's a few of the club's top players modelling the shirt, and we wonder if they're as displeased as the folks of the social media seem to be with it.

It's fairly likely that there's going to be a bit of abuse dished out to any Liverpool fans who do end up buying this one, however if nothing else the marketing folks have certainly got people talking about it simply by sending one tweet.

We'll have to wait and see if this one is a deisgn that ends up growing on us, but we think the home shirt is pretty slick, and have a suspicion that it might be the one that sells better.