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18th Mar 2014

Picture: These two lads ran into BOD on the town and snapped a selfie with the man himself

Meeting a living legend out for a scoop on Paddy's Day? It doesn't get any better than that


Meeting a living legend out for a scoop on Paddy’s Day? It doesn’t get any better than that

When you think of the Irishman that you’d most like to sit down and have a pint with on the most Irish day on the calendar, Paddy’s Day (or the day before Paddy’s Day to be exact, you know what we mean), then we think most of us would say that there’s only one man for the job: Brian O’Driscoll.

For two lads out for a few scoops in celebration of our national day, that came true as they bumped into the newly crowned Six Nations champion, and managed to snap a quick selfie with him to boot.

He certainly looks to be a bit happier about the whole thing than Roy Keane was that time he was snapped with a fan.