Pogba: Fergie's actions 'disgusted' me 9 years ago

Pogba: Fergie's actions 'disgusted' me

Any Manchester United fans holding out hope that Paul Pogba will return to the club from Juventus might be better off focusing their affections elsewhere.

The brilliant young French midfielder has revealed that he was ‘disgusted’ with Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to play Rafael ahead of him in a league match against Blackburn in December 2011, and that was the moment he knew his time in England was up.


United went on to lose the match 3-2 and Pogba would join Juve the following summer, one year before Ferguson announced his retirement.

"It was a very, very difficult moment for me because I was in love with Manchester and I was a Mancunian," said Pogba.

"It was the match against Blackburn in December 2011 at Old Trafford.

"Paul Scholes had retired, Michael Carrick was injured, Darren Fletcher was injured.


"There was no-one left to play in midfield. And I was training and I was beginning to get better bit by bit and the coach never stopped telling me, 'You're this far'.

"And I didn't understand. This far away from what? Playing? From having some playing time? From getting on the field? Or what?

"And there was Rafael in midfield and I was disgusted. I was disgusted and I didn't get on either."

Pogba, speaking in a French TV documentary, said that he was left with no option but to go to Italy.


"I'd lost that thing, that relation that I had with the coach. I was really disappointed, really disappointed," he said.

"I was pushed. My eyes were opened. I'd made this decision to sign with Juventus. There was nothing to regret.”