Poll: Have All-Ireland junior finalists Derrytresk been treated fairly? 9 years ago

Poll: Have All-Ireland junior finalists Derrytresk been treated fairly?

Today’s poll on JOE: We’re asking GAA supporters across the country whether they think Tyrone junior club Derrytresk got what was coming to them with eight suspensions and a €5000 fine, or have they been unfairly singled out by the CCCC?

On the face of it, the All-Ireland junior club championship doesn’t usually take up too many column inches, even in the dedicated GAA press.


Does anyone remember who won the title last year, or the year before that? Okay, maybe a few people in Kerry do – Kingdom clubs Castlegregory and St Mary’s Cahirciveen brought the title south in 2010 and 2011 respectively – but it’s fair to say that not many GAA supporters have noticed a whole pile of what’s been going on in this competition.

Until this year, that is, with the Derrytresk-Dromid Pearses All-Ireland junior club semi-final in Portlaoise two weeks ago taking on a life of its own after a brawl that involved players, officials and supporters.

Eleven players have been suspended and fines totalling €7000 been handed out, but the finger of the GAA disciplinarians has clearly been pointed at Derrytresk, who will be €5000 lighter in the pocket and without eight players for the final against Galway club Clonbur next week.

So we’re asking a simple question: Is the punishment fair?

Answer away below, and feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of the page (remember, if you’re not registered or couldn’t be bothered, you can still sign in using your Facebook or Twitter details...)