Psychic Wayne Update: The pranksters strike again  10 years ago

Psychic Wayne Update: The pranksters strike again

Poor awl psychic Wayne just can't seem to get a break this week as he's back in the news after another mystery caller had a few things to say to him.


Yesterday we had footage of psychic Wayne getting a little more than he bargained for after an Irish prankster rang into his ‘Psychic Show’ claiming to be Will Smith from the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. If you didn’t see the clip yet, then head over here.

Well Wayne is back in the spot light again, but this time the caller wasn’t exactly pranking poor awl psychic Wayne. Instead the caller had a bit of a serious question to ask.

In case you can’t hear the audio too well, we’ve transcribed what goes down in full:

Wayne: “Hi, who’s calling?”
Caller: “It’s John Paul, from Dublin.”
Wayne: “Hi John. How are you today?”
Caller: “I’m good, thank you.”
Wayne: “What’s your question John?”
Caller: “I was just wondering what are the chances of you getting a BAI complaint for false advertising?”


Long awkward pause…

Wayne: “Thank you for your call”.

It looks like Wayne just can’t seem to get a break this week, but in fairness he’s probably enjoying a surge of new viewers as everyone tunes in to see what abuse he gets this time around.

Ah well, it is an occupational hazard.