QPR's Steven Caulker arrested (wrongfully) for cheese theft! 7 years ago

QPR's Steven Caulker arrested (wrongfully) for cheese theft!

Steven Caulker was recently arrested and handcuffed after it was thought he had stolen come cheese from a Tesco store.

The QPR centre-half, who reportedly earns £42,000 a week, was wrongfully accused of stealing a tub of Philadelphia from a branch of Tesco in London. He had apparently walked out of the shop with the tub and then, upon realising his error, walked back to the shop to return it.


It was too late by then as the 'shop-lifting' had been reported and the police were at the store to arrest and handcuff the footballer.

After the misunderstanding had been ironed out between the player, police and staff at the shop, Caulker was released and let go on his way. It's just as well really as the last thing Tesco needed was a very angry Harry Redknapp outside the shop bellowing from his car window about injustice and other such stuff.

We like to think that the police shouted 'Spread em!' when they saw Caulker with the tub of Philadelphia, even if, at that stage, he probably didn't give Edam.

Hat-tip: The Guardian