Robbie Robinson, a sick Irishman stranded in hospital abroad, needs your help 10 years ago

Robbie Robinson, a sick Irishman stranded in hospital abroad, needs your help

If you were listening to Miriam O’Callaghan on RTÉ radio on Monday you would have heard the harrowing story from an Irish mother who’s son is currently on life support in Thailand.

Robbie Robinson (32), originally from Ashford in Co. Wicklow, was returning back to his home in New Zealand after attending a friends wedding in Ireland when he slipped and fell from the forth story of an apartment building in Thailand.


The incident occurred on June 22nd and since then Robbie has been in a coma in a Bangkok.

Here’s what Robbie’s tearful mother Martina had to say to Miriam, “I whisper in his ear to ask him for a sign that we are doing the right thing by intervening, he moves little things.

“He moved his feet first and then he moved his arm… and then he moved his head on day eight. And we were just ecstatic.

“We know he’s a fighter, he’s a real fighter. He’s the strongest of all of us and his heart is beating away. We are realists but when it’s your child, you just don’t want to let them go.


“The minute I saw the number of his friend’s phone, I knew something was wrong. He said he’d fallen from the fourth floor, he was unconscious and they didn’t think he was going to make it.

“He had no keys so he stood on the balcony to step around in to an open window and he lost his footing and fell.

“He fell on his chest and broke his arms and hit his head. He did huge…huge damage to the brain and he’s been unconscious ever since,” Martina told Miriam.

Robbie’s friends have set up a Facebook page urging people to donate what they can in order to help get Robbie home. Here’s what it says on the Robbie Robinson Fund page: “Our great friend Robbie Robinson has suffered a very serious accident in Bangkok, which has sadly left him in a coma. With incredibly high medical costs and his family planning to fly him home, we are appealing for anyone to donate to this worthy cause.”


It’s a terrible situation to be in lads, so if you can spare a few quid to help get Robbie back to his family in Ireland it would be much appreciated by many. If you'd like to donate to the Robbie Robinson fund please click here.