Derek Mooney's new programme is the 'highlight' of RTE's new schedule 10 years ago

Derek Mooney's new programme is the 'highlight' of RTE's new schedule

It’s that time of year again – RTE has just announced its new television schedule for the spring months. Prepare yourself for the good, the bad and the ugly.


The Irish Independent reports that RTE will be relying heavily on a host of old reliables to fill its schedule, as only two new entertainment programmes have been announced.

What’s new? ‘The Voice of Ireland’ which has already started and, it seems like people are starting to get caught up in it (so far, so good if you like watching hopefuls get worked up over a song) and a new quiz show fronted by Derek Mooney called ‘Who Knows Ireland Best?’ (Why, dear god, WHY?)

'Who Knows Ireland Best' is an ‘entertaining’ (their words, not ours...) new show that pits two teams against each other to discover who, in fact, really does know Ireland best. Edge of your seat television here lads! Apparently RTE only went and asked Ireland 100 probing questions about everything. It sounds like a lot of effort for a programme that will more than likely flop. Do you honestly CARE about who knows Ireland best? Is it one of your unanswered questions about life? No? Thought so. Anyway, leaving that horribleness aside, let’s move on…

While there are no new home-produced dramas in the line-up, there is a new series for the Lifestyle slot called ‘Dead Money’ which follows the work of heir hunters as they track down next-of-kin in order to pass on unexpected inheritances. We envisage a kind of Dog the Bounty Hunter-esque show where people are literally hunted down only to have money shoved in their face, but we know we're probably wrong. Sad face. You have to admit that would make for some excellent television though, right?


There have been a few new American shows acquired by the station, including hilarious US sitcom ‘New Girl’ starring the lovely Zooey Deschanel. ‘Two Broke Girls’ and the Golden-Globe-winning US programme ‘Homeland.’ Familiar shows such as ‘Desperate Housewives,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘Blue Bloods' will all return with the latest series.

There’ll be lots of new factual programming for the spring months with a number of new documentaries and series on offer. ‘Saving the Titanic’ and ‘Ireland Outside the Euro’ are just two of the titles given, and a fly-on-the-wall series called ‘The Nurse’ will give an insight into the work of public health nurses around the country.

RTE will also be screening a two-part documentary called ‘Into the Light: The Battles that Shaped our TV’ as part of its own 50th anniversary celebrations  and a documentary entitled ‘MND and Me’ which follows RTE sports presenter Colm Murry and his determination to find a cure for motor neurone disease.

What do you think? Have any of the programmes caught your eye? And more importantly are you seriously going to watch 'Who Knows Ireland Best'?