Ryan Tubridy may not take the abuse much longer 10 years ago

Ryan Tubridy may not take the abuse much longer

Between his falling listenership figures and the continued mauling the Late Late Show gets from the critics, Ryan Tubridy has been having a tough time.

And he has admitted to the Sunday Independent that it bothers him and that he may not take it for much longer.


“I don't enjoy it and it's not pretty. It hasn't gotten to me yet but if it goes on and on? Well then, that's another day," he said.

"Of course I have self- doubts when there is a lot of noise and grunting about my performance.

"And of course you think on occasion 'am I that bad?' Yes, I have those moments. Do I have self-confidence problems? Yes I do. It's a very human trait and I am as frail as everyone else."

This will only add to the speculation that follows his latest agreement to do a stint with the BBC and it seems Tubs is enjoying the contrast between the reception he gets here and on the other side of the water.


"Between the radio figures in Ireland and in the UK it was like getting a slap in the face followed by a big hug. It was a nice cushion for the big blows in a difficult news week," he said.

It sounds to us that with each passing day Tubs is thinking it is not worth the hassle being here and that he sees life as better over in England. If he goes will you miss him?