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Shane Long was dressed as a pimp and busking in Temple Bar last night (UPDATE: includes video)
Sing when you're... wearing a luminous green pimp suit.

Following on from Irish footballer Kevin Walker's recent win in Swedish Pop Idol, it seems that some more professional players are looking to break onto the musical scene.

Republic of Ireland and West Bromwich Albion striker Shane Long, along with a number of his Baggies buddies, hit Dublin's fair city at the weekend, all spectacularly dressed in the worst looking suits imaginable.

While strolling through Temple Bar, Long also showed off his musical prowess as he borrowed a local busker's guitar for an impromptu rendition of Oasis' 'Wonderwall.' Who knows, perhaps the Tipp talent and his backing singers the West Bromettes will be releasing a single in the hope of nailing the Christmas Number One spot?

Passersby, including Peter Byrne, were quick to snap a few pics as Long entertained the gathered crowd:

Maybe if this whole football malarkey doesn't work out, a new career on stage beckons. I mean, there's got to be like, €3 in that case...


UPDATE: Footage of the musical moment in question has now surfaced so sit back and enjoy.

Thanks to Tommy Keane for sending in the picture.

Waiting below is probably the best business show in Ireland…

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