Should Cork people have their own passport? 12 years ago

Should Cork people have their own passport?

They have long claimed to be their own republic and now the people of Cork may be getting their own passport.


Local Fine Gael councillor Laura McGonigle is to file a motion with the council with the following wording;

“That Cork City Council would introduce a ‘Certificate of Corkness’ or a ‘Cork Passport’, issued similarly to the ‘Certificate of Irish Heritage’ scheme introduced by Central Government earlier this year.

“The document will be available to people outside Cork who want their Cork roots to be officially recognised. Anybody applying for the certificate will have to provide proof of their Cork ancestry and connection with our great county.”

Now our Corkonian Joe is over the moon about this but the rest of us aren’t so sure. Some have even proposed setting up checkpoints at all points of access along the M50, seeing this is an ideal opportunity to keep the Rebel forces out of the real capital at long last.


But why do the Cork people think they are so special? Is a funny accent, Beamish and drisheen really enough to base an entire republic on?

So Corkonians, tell us why this is a good idea and all the rest of ye, what do you make of that bunch of langers down there?

And as the good councillor used a Tommy Tiernan clip to illustrate the beauty of the Cork accent, we thought we would do likewise.