Someone has gone to town on Joe Brolly’s Wikipedia page… with hilarious results 9 years ago

Someone has gone to town on Joe Brolly’s Wikipedia page… with hilarious results

Say what you like about Joe Brolly but he’s probably the most colourful of the current crop of GAA pundits and he certainly has the most colourful Wikipedia page, for the time being at least.

As a barrister, former All-Ireland winner, pundit and leading charity campaigner we know that Brolly is a man of many talents, but those descriptions only scratch the surface of his personality if his incredibly detailed Wikipedia page is anything to go by.


While you would expect to find details about his playing career for Derry and his punditry exploits on The Sunday Game on his Wiki page, did you know, for example, that Brolly endured a disastrous spell as a NASA employee during the mid 00s that ended in tears because, as Neil Armstrong said: “Brolly tried to hide his own shortcomings by criticising astronauts who were far more talented than he would ever be.”


To illustrate the point, he once said of second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin that he “bottled it when the chance to become the first man on the moon came his way”.

The Wikipedia page also charts Brolly’s prominence on the Derry line-dancing scene and his involvement in the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama, whom he has proclaimed as 'a genius, marching relentlessly towards victory'.


The Wiki page also adds that ‘although Brolly frequently mentions supposedly relaxed encounters with Obama, Obama has never acknowledged his existence, and responded by saying 'Joe who?' when questioned about Brolly's support of his political career’.


Sceptics could suggest that the account of Brolly’s relationship with Obama draws strong parallels with his relationship with a certain Donegal manager, but we would never be as bold as to suggest anything like that.

All in all, it’s just some light-hearted fun at Brolly’s expense and although the Derry man is well able to dish it out, he’s well able to take a slagging too and we dare say he’ll have a good laugh at it if he ever gets around to having a look.


Unfortunately, Brolly’s page will probably suffer the same fate as the vast majority of Wikipedia hijack victims and soon return to normality, so try and take a look at some of the genius contained within before it inevitably returns to normal.

Hat-tip to Niall Dowdall for sending this one our way