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31st May 2013

Video: Someone’s made an 8-bit version of Iron Man and it’s class

Comic book hero films! 8-bit! Heaven!


Too busy to watch Iron Man in its 126 minute running time entirety AND do you have a love for all things 8-bit?

Well, we’ve got just the thing for you…

By Eoghan Doherty

Last week we brought you Daft Punk’s random Access Memories in all its Mario Bros. styled goodness, and now the cool computer nerds over at YouTube channel CineFix have created the excellent and brilliantly accurate Iron Man in 60 Seconds, all expertly done in the style of a 1980s video game.

They’ve even managed to give Tony Stark his silly-looking little goatee, they’ve succeeded in creating an angry 8-bit Jeff Bridges and, for bonus points, see if you can spot the shneaky Nick Fury Avengers reference in there too…

All it needs now to make it absolutely Iron Man perfect are some rockin’ 8-Bit AC/DC guitar riffs… in 8-bit obviously.