Super producer Pharrell Williams can't get enough of his dire Gaddafi-style hat 7 years ago

Super producer Pharrell Williams can't get enough of his dire Gaddafi-style hat

As co-founder of incredibly expensive clothing brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Clothing, it's no secret that Pharrell Williams is a style icon. Which is why we're bewildered by his fancy new hat.

By Emmet Purcell

You know that feeling when your mate buys a new accessory and then proceeds to wear it with every single outfit he can imagine? That appears to be the problem that has afflicted super producer Pharrell Williams and his dubious military-style hat.

Don't believe us? Then take a look at the below picture of Pharrell at Wednesday night's Louis Vuitton Beachside Barbecue at Soho Beach House in Miami. Unfortunately, JOE wasn't invited.

However, Pharrell was and amid A-listers decked out to the nines in bespoke suits, he decided to accompany an odd early 1990s Axl Rose-style outfit with his latest prized possession - that pesky new hat of his, which is bizarrely emblazoned with images of Mickey Mouse. Have a look below:

Someone please explain this 'look' to us...

There is a very, very slim chance that 12 months from now we'll all be wearing Disney-approved hats that would make the late Colonel Gaddafi mad with jealousy but we sincerely doubt that it will happen anytime soon.

However, an undeterred Pharrell is insistent on nailing this particular hat look, as he wore his prized possession that night previous for Dior's Pop-Up Shop Featuring Anselm Reyle For Dior, this time with a flashy red leather jacket instead:

He really loves the hat, trust us

Do you want to tell him or shall we? Pharrell, massive military hats are not going to happen. They didn't work for Cheryl Cole this time last year and though we appreciate your persistence, not to mention your attempt to bring back waistband-tied sweaters, we're going to pass on this particular trend. Good effort though.