The Confederations Cup Confidential: strippers, robbery and Mario Balotelli 7 years ago

The Confederations Cup Confidential: strippers, robbery and Mario Balotelli

Your round up of all the strange goings on in Brazil is here with news of the Mexico squad in hot water and the Spaniards are short a few quid

The Mexican squad looks to be in a bit of trouble after it seems that at least nine of them showed up at a strip club in Brazil on Sunday.

Brazilian newspaper O Globo is reporting that the lads were there up to three times, and one time the whole team and the coaching staff were there. They did have their pants pulled down almost single-handedly by Neymar last night so we suppose it's apt that they went to a strip club.

Marca are reporting that the Spanish are short a few quid. Nothing new there, unemployment rates are pretty high, but their possession stats are still normally at least 70%.

Anyway, apparently a few of the Spanish lads had their hotel rooms robbed and several envelopes went missing which had a load of money in them, up to €1000 in one case.

We're not feeling too sorry for the millionaires out in the great weather in Brazil, but still, that's unfortunate for them.

Mario Balotelli hasn't been getting up to too much mischief, which is good, but he did manage to meet UFC star Vitor Belfort and pose for the obligatory “making a fist” pose that every MMA fighter and boxer in the world is forced to do.


He also tweeted his congratulations to Japan on a fantastic match last night (which it really was), and we have to say we like aul Mario, he seems like a top bloke.