The crumple zone 11 years ago

The crumple zone

By Laura Anne Mooney

Pictured here next to his stunning wife Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O’Connell gives the impression that he may have just come to the 134th Kentucky Derby on a roll over from a party which took place the night before.


This is unfortunate as the colour choice of the suit, tie and shirt is spot on for a Spring/Summer event, working a treat with his retro shades.

The problem here is the ball of creases that his suit has become. Making his trousers appear out of shape and untidy. A common sight at this time of year, as with summer comes hotter weather (well, if you are not spending it in Ireland that is!) and so it is wise to choose a lighter fabric.  When doing this however, stir clear of heavily linen based suits for any formal occasion- as they are sure to riddle themselves into creases with just the mere thought of you sitting down.