The Guardian praises ‘courage and commitment’ of hurlers in glowing tribute 9 years ago

The Guardian praises ‘courage and commitment’ of hurlers in glowing tribute

Some readers of The Guardian may have been drawn to the game of hurling for the first time after this fitting tribute.

The ‘In praise of’ editorial section of the paper is today dedicated to our ancient game and in particular the exploits of the fare served up by the Rebels and the Banner last Saturday in Croke Park.


While people up and down the country have been waxing lyrical about one of the best finals in recent times, the English paper too has recognised the efforts of our top amateur sportsmen.

“Sporting combatants playing for love not money, with only helmets for protection, clash with ash sticks while trying to catch a ball consisting of cork wrapped in thick leather flying through the air at a terrifying velocity,” reads the opening line.

“Welcome to the ancient Irish game of hurling, arguably the fastest contact sport played on grass.”

And the comparison with the Premier League caps off a short, but passionate piece on the small ball game.


“As Premier League soccer is again soiled with prima donna antics – see the scratch-and-send-off controversy of Torres at Spurs at the weekend – the hand-eye co-ordination and the courage and commitment of Cork and Clare were a shining example of sportsmanship.”

No arguments here.