The top stories on JOE today 10 years ago

The top stories on JOE today

It was another busy day in JOE Towers today and the royal baby didn’t even get a look-in. Well, nearly didn’t get a look in. Here are today’s top stories.

6. We haven’t seen Bruce Willis being this mean to a stranger since Hans Gruber p*ssed him off in the original Die Hard.


5.  Yet another reason to love Bryan Cranston after he disguised himself as Heisenberg at Comic-Con... and nobody had the faintest idea it was him.

4. A BMW collided with the Luas on Abbey Street today and it didn’t end too well for the Beamer.

3. The Royal Baby dominated front pages of newspapers everywhere today, but this effort from the Metro Herald was easily the funniest.

2. WWE Diva Brie Bella made a bit of a boobie when it came to picking her dress for Raw last night. And we mean that literally (NSFW).


1. This video of a holiday in Ireland made by two Canadian tourists is arguably the best advertisement for this country you will ever see. Outstanding stuff.

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