This Christmas magazine cover needs to be seen to be believed 9 years ago

This Christmas magazine cover needs to be seen to be believed

At first we were taken aback by just how cluttered the cover looks. And then we had a closer look at some of the headlines…

With books a common choice of gift and newspapers and magazines set to be weighed down with extra Christmas and end of year supplements, nobody will be short of reading material this festive season.


You’ll be hard pressed to find as much shocking content in one magazine as in the Christmas edition of the UK magazine ‘that’s life,’ however, certainly if the amount of eye-catching headlines on the front page - all of which, by the way, are Christmas related - is anything to go by.


The ‘Happy Christmas’ message is about the only positive thing of note on the front cover, featuring as it does alongside headlines such as ‘Hubby bonked our teen lodger at XMAS DINNER,’ ‘I found Mum MURDERED under my Xmas Tree,’ ‘OMG! Xmas Party Shame, I woke up in bed with MY BOSS’ and the best of the lot, ‘Mum’s Xmas Miracle, A Ghost gave me triplets’.


We couldn’t have described our reaction to the cover better than Stephen Fry did on Twitter and most frighteningly of all, all of these headlines relate to stories that have happened already and there’s still over two weeks to go until Christmas; Lord knows what sort of carry-on is going to take place between now and then.

We'll just stick to the Christmas edition of the RTE Guide to keep us occupied for now, thank you very much.