Top 5 Cult Flicks 10 years ago

Top 5 Cult Flicks

It's difficult to really get a grasp on what a cult film is, but for us it's a noteworthy production that you just cant but help want to revisit again and again. There are some absolute belters on this list, and everyone of them stands the test of multiple viewings.

1. Intermission


Otherwise known as Colin Farrell's best film, this Irish production has aged extremely well - like all good cult flicks should. Farrell is actually a small part of a fantastic, mostly Irish cast, that includes the likes of Cillian Murphy and Colm "ah jaaaaaaaaaaaysus" Meaney. The stories are all given just the right amount of screen time to engage and everyone of the characters feels drawn from real life. An absolutely cracking cult flick, and one of the best Irish films in recent memory.

2. The Usual Suspects

When The Usual Suspects was first released it dumbfounded critics; how could a movie keep you guessing all the way to the end and then turn everything you thought you knew to be the truth right on its head. The second it's finished, you want to watch it again and that's a testament to the superb Oscar winning screenplay by Chris McQurrie and the deft direction from the now go-to guy for The X-Men, Bryan Singer. Then you get to Kevin Spacey's layered, subtle and utterly brilliant turn as Verbal Kint and you have yourself a stone cold classics.

3. L.A Confidential


Absolutely robbed at the Oscars for Best Screenplay, L.A. Confidential was the film to really announce Young Brando himself, Russell Crowe to American audiences. Playing a troubled cop with a strict moralistic code, his methods are sometimes a little... brash. Throw in a beautiful prostitute (and Oscar winning Kim Basinger) and a supporting cast that any studio would sell their grannies for and it results in a mix that leaves a classy aftertaste.

4. Silence of the Lambs

No movie genre encapsulates the term "cult film" better than horror. Silence of the Lambs was one of the first modern horror films to not just draw a wide audience, but take home some silverware from the good folks at The Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts. Boasting one of the most iconic movie villains of all time, Hannibal Lector, it has aged like a fine wine and in turn set a template for classy horror that is yet to be surpassed.

5. Reservoir Dogs


It now almost seems like an urban legend, but Quentin Tarantino really did write the script to Reservoir Dogs when working as a clerk in a video shop - putting the wheels in motion for a barrage of applications to Xtra-Vision in this country. A skilfully woven, wonderfully articulated script, coupled with some stunning acting and entertainingly pragmatic direction has ensured that this film will be studied in film classes for years and years to come.

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