Top stories on JOE today 8 years ago

Top stories on JOE today

From Rory McIlroy taking on robots, to Lukas Podolski nearly scoring to Paul O’Connell going even higher in our estimation, if that is even possible, another busy day in JOE.

Here were the top five stories on the site today:


5. Rory v Robot, but McIlroy comes out on top.

4. Lukas Podolski gets a hug from Rihanna. The lucky, lucky boy.

3. The new Everton jersey seems to be dividing people. Imagine, a questionable kit on Merseyside, who would have thunk it?

2. Paul O’Connell still giving his all for the Lions cause. Not that we would expect anything else.

1. This is what running 25mph on a treadmill looks like. Impressive we have to admit.

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