Top stories on JOE today 10 years ago

Top stories on JOE today

The sad news of the passing of James Gandolfini has been the major story today, but there have been some other stories floating around today.

Here are the biggest stories on JOE today.


6. They saw you should never mess with a woman scorned. Here is the perfect proof.

5. Hats off to Sky Sports. It had escaped our attention that Brian O’Driscoll had appeared in 200 Ryder Cups. Now we know.

4. Is this the first Iraqi to win a hurling medal in Ireland? We would have thought so.

3. Celtic legend Henrik Larsson comes out of retirement to play alongside his son.


2. Look at the sign that awaits the Lions when they arrive at Melbourne Airport. Oh the Aussies and their humour.

1. Great tribute to James Gandolfini at the scene of the final Sopranos scene.

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