Tornado in Derry ... and now a funnel cloud in Galway 10 years ago

Tornado in Derry ... and now a funnel cloud in Galway

There’s been four seasons every day so far in June – and the strange Irish weather took another turn with a twister-type event in Galway on Tuesday. reports that Kit O’Sullivan, from Ardrahan in Co Galway, spotted the unexpected meteorological phenomenon high above the skies of Connacht yesterday evening.


A funnel cloud becomes a tornado when it touches land, but fortunately for the good folk of east Galway it appears that this one remained airborne throughout its spontaneous visit to the west of Ireland.

This latest weird weather comes just two weeks after a tornado ripped through a cow-barn in Derry, putting the health of ten labourers and a herd of Friesians in danger.

Parts of Ireland have had the wettest, windiest and dullest May in years – but that’s not enough to satisfy the thirst of our local authorities, who reckon we need another ten days of rain to get our reservoirs up to a safe level and have already urged householders to conserve water.

Something must be wrong somewhere. Can reservoirs leak?

[Main pic via gongus/Flickr Creative Commons]