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Trendspotting: Hawaiian shirts
Embrace the summer months with a Hawaiian shirt. Yes, believe it or not, the Hawaiian shirt is back and instead of being considered 'tacky' or 'loud' it's completely on trend.

What will you be wearing this summer? Well if the recent fashion shows are anything to go by, chances are you’ll be stocking up on some laid-back surfer shorts and the ultimate summer wardrobe essential: a Hawaiian shirt.

Yes, believe it or not the Hawaiian shirt is undergoing a revival. Rather than being consider ‘garish,’ ‘tacky’ or ‘loud’ it’s actually very much in fashion as the days get that little bit warmer. They will get warmer soon. Promise.

In terms of fashion, it looks like this summer will be all about bright colours, overpowering prints and loose material that will keep you comfy and cool all day long.

Even if the Hawaiian shirt isn’t your personal cup of tea, we would advise investing in one anyway. Why? Well, chances are, at some point over the summer, you will be invited to a BBQ or a beach party, and nothing screams the word “PARTY!” like a Hawaiian shirt. Trust us.

So why is this blast from the past suddenly all the rage? Well it dominated the catwalks during the spring/summer 2012 shows.

This is possibly the first time the Hawaiian shirt has been back in style since Elvis Presley rocked one in Blue Hawaii and hey, if it’s good enough for The King, then it’s definitely good enough for you too.

The best thing about the Hawaiian shirt is that you can’t really go wrong with it. Team it with a pair of neutral shorts or even a pair of jeans and you’re sorted...

Eh...just remember to remove your socks before you leave your house in a pair of sandals...

Here’s our pick of the best Hawaiian shirts on the market right now.


Ecru Leaf Print Shirt – River Island €35

This is one of more subtle styles of Hawaiian shirt – it’s perfect if you want to try and ease yourself into the trend before you dedicate yourself to one of the ‘louder’ prints. This shirt is stylish, the colours are neutral enough so it will go with virtually anything. Perfect for day or nightwear.

Karmakula Cancun Hawaiian Shirt – Asos €42.66

Karmakula are legends when it comes to producing the perfect Hawaiian shirt. In fact they specialise in this particular item of clothing. This printed shirt features an all over contrast Hawaiian Print, a soft collar, the classic short sleeves and, of course, the signature chest pocket.

Black Banana Print Shirt – River Island €35


It’s unusual, it’s a little bit tacky, but it’s perfect. This banana print shirt from River Island ticks all the boxes when it comes to the Hawaiian shirt trend. The bananas give it a quirky edge. It’s right on trend and will offer an interesting conversation starter at parties: “Hey is that a banana shirt?” “You bet your ass it is!” Perfect.

Carhatt Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt – Asos €73.32

Again, this is a more subtle type of Hawaiian Shirt. It’s perfect if you’re not into over-bearing prints or crazy colours. It’s a cotton short, with a simple floral print. You can’t get any more basic than that, but it still manages to be stylish and on trend.

Religion Vegas Hawaiian Shirt – Asos €63.98

It’s red, it’s slightly over-the-top but that’s why we love it. This Hawaiian shirt from Religion features a hand printed Hawaiian design, a wing collar and the obligatory chest pocket. It has the short sleeves that you would expect and an oversized 50’s style fit.


ASOS Polo With All Over Hawaiian Print – Asos €23.99

Orange is great if you have darker hair because it will make your eye colour pop out, we’re not sure why, but it does. This shirt is a more casual take on the Hawaiian shirt trend. It’s laid back, relaxed and not too garish. The colour will compliment darker hair and skin tones, but it’s also bright enough to make you look summery.

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