Tubridy loses 87,000 listeners  10 years ago

Tubridy loses 87,000 listeners

Reports today show 2FM DJ, Ryan Tubridy, has lost 40 per cent of the listeners that Gerry Ryan had before his death in April last year.

Figures from the new Joint National Listenership Research (JNLR) have shown a dramatic drop of almost 87,000 listeners since May of 2010. Tubs slot, which runs from 9am to 11am, now has just 175,000 people listening in everyday.


This is a 40 per cent decrease from the 296,000 people who tuned into Gerry before he died after taking cocaine back in April 2010. When Tubs started on the show in May 2010, he had 262,000 people tuning in. Those were the day's.

Last night the Late Late host, who’s on €500,000 a year, said ‘he won’t give up without a fight’ after losing so many people in such a short amount of time.

In May of this year figures showed that Ryan’s listeners had slipped to just 202,000 and now they’ve slipped again to just 175,000, making Tubs morning show less popular than RTE One shows like Countrywide and Sunday Miscellany. Which says a lot.

Tubs now lacks behind Ray D’Arcy who has gained an extra 10,000 listeners since 2010, seeing him now stand at 228,000. Morning Ireland is the country’s favourite show with 454,000 people tuning in, up 28,000 from last year.


Pat Kenny gained 7,000, with 327,000 listening to the former Late Late host, while Joe Duffy has gained 2,000 new fans with 398,000 tuning in religiously.