Tuesday is the most popular day for buying a car  9 years ago

Tuesday is the most popular day for buying a car

If you've ever gotten the itch to go out and buy a used car on a Tuesday then you're not alone, as it's the most popular day to do so.

According to a new survey by the Irish car registration experts Cartell.ie, the most popular day of the week for people to buy or sell used cars is actually Tuesday. But why? Well, according to this morning’s Irish Sun, people use Monday to recover from their ‘hangovers’, of all things.


The most popular day throughout the year for buying a new motor is on the first Tuesday of February. This is because people want to enjoy their new motor for the full year and if it’s a new car, they obviously want to get their use out of the new registration plate.

In a statement, Cartell.ie said, “The reason for the popularity of Tuesday is probably because people use Monday to catch up and plan their week – and possibly to recover from the weekend.”

Apparently, the worst day of the week to get rid of an old motor is on Saturday as most of the banks are closed, plus people want to enjoy their weekend while they can.

So, now you know why you’re dying to check out some new motors today.